Why You Should Consider an Island Hopping Holiday in Greece
Ancient ruins accompany blue skies as the Aegean Sea surrounds an endless coastline in Greece. You will find culture in the lively music and tradition in the exotic cuisine, while the opportunity to go island hopping is an exciting way to experience this stunning pocket of the Mediterranean.

It’s all true. Greece is not only the origin of western thought but also a natural haven where stunning beaches, tiny villages and sublime food never fail to disappoint. What’s more, taking ferry transfers between the islands, across these Mediterranean waters is the perfect way to feel rejuvenated, before exploring the whitewashed villages and various cultural encounters that you will find on the picturesque islands in Greece.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular Greek Islands:


What Greek Islands Should You Actually Visit?
Simply put, the Greek islands are home to some of the most stunning scenery in the Mediterranean. From pristine blue water and white powdered sands to lush forests and idyllic villages, each island offers something slightly different yet equally impressive.

Here are some of the most popular Greek Islands you should actually visit:

Santorini – While Santorini may be one of the most busiest islands in terms of tourists, the amazing restaurants, hotels and things to do make this a must-see destination. Aside from Crete, this is possibly the best island for winter months and Ammoudi Bay in particular offers stunning sunset views and incredible fresh seafood.

Mykonos – Although best known for having a vibrant nightlife, Mykonos has a charming main town with a nice lineup of  world-class restaurants. If you fancy a night out in the midst of your vacation, this trendy island is the place to do it!

Crete – Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands so you can expect beaches and historical sights at every turn. More specifically, the charming towns of Channia and Rethymnon offer a wonderful insight into the simply yet colourful way of life on the islands.

Naxos The main town in Naxos is full of hotels, restaurants and kid-friendly activities which makes this an especially attractive stop for families. On the other hand, pristine beaches can be found just a short distances down the coast and the inland villages are an absolute delight to explore.

But what’s so different about these islands and what can you expect?


What Else Can Expect While Visiting the Greek Islands  

You Can Expect a Near Perfect Climate
Greece is truly blessed by the Mediterranean weather, which means that sunshine is common throughout the year. At the same time, April-June or September-October is drier and more pleasant, while temperatures remain in the mid-20s. In case you might be asking yourself, this is the kind of weather that makes you want to get outdoors and enjoy the sun without having to feel exhausted by the heat.

You Can Expect Mouth-Watering Cuisine at Every Turn
Greek cuisine is famous all over the world for good reason and every last ingredient is wonderfully fresh including the herbs, seafood, cheese, bread and pasta. As if that’s not enough, the Greek people have a unique style of cooking and the mouth-watering dishes are often the highlight for those who visit the islands. In fact, the taste of these local dishes is sure to last long after you leave.


You Can Expect a Friendly Welcome and Sweet Lifestyle
You should find the local islanders to be very warm and hospitable. In fact, socialising is almost considered a hobby in Greece and this is evident at every turn, from the bustling streets to the café’s and of every village. For many people, Italy is better known for “La Dolce Vita” but the truth is, the Greek are just as much aware and proactive when it comes to focusing on the small details and finer things in life.

You Can Expect an Enthralling Adventure
As you might expect for such small islands, getting around is straightforward. However, the opportunity to take ferry transfers between each destination is what makes island hopping a unique and exciting adventure in the Mediterranean. With this in mind, you can easily combine several islands into one adventure and take advantage of island hopping packages that include hotel reservations and ferry tickets.

Spectacular Scenery

How to Reach the Greek Islands from South Africa
You will find flights to Athens from all major cities in South Africa and brief connections on most airfare schedules. In fact, there is only one stopover on most flight itineraries and Greece can be reached in as little as 16 hours for South Africans, depending on the location of your departure.

Either way, all flights arrive in Athens and this is the best starting point for a trip around the islands.


As for how to reach the actual islands, the ferry is easily the most convenient way to access this part of the world and certainly the most enjoyable way to get between the islands. However, due to popularity, it’s important to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Final Thoughts
Island hopping is such an exciting and interesting way to explore the Greek Islands. Advance booking and careful planning is needed but you can save time and hassle by booking a Greek Island Hopping Holiday.

For example, an 8-Nights Best of Greece package by United Europe Travel Services (Pty) Ltd includes a two night hotel stay in Athens along with several nights in both Mykonos and Santorini. However, as part of the package, you will also receive ferry tickets to each island and even harbour transfers to your accommodation on arrival. Each itinerary can be tailor-made according to your needs and requirements.

Let’s be honest, it sounds like fun, right? Get in touch with
United Europe Travel Services (Pty) Ltd who can make it happen!

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