A Travel Guide to Paris, the Breathtakingly Mesmerizing Holiday Destination

Are you looking for a wow-worthy, fabulous holiday in Paris? With exotic locales, wonderful tourist attractions, luscious delicacies, and voguish ambiance, the city will leave you spellbound. With the perfect travel specialist to assist you in planning a memorable trip to this remarkable European destination, landing at the Charles de Gaulle Airport should be a cakewalk.

So are you ready to bask in the glory of stunning landscape, fine dining, classic cultural heritage and the thrilling world of fashion and designer labels?

Paris, aptly known as the city of love, is the ideal destination to taste some excellent Champagne & Bordeaux and enjoy luxury stays in Disneyland Paris, Versailles, Normandy ID-Day Beaches & Giverny. The place exudes panache, sophistication, serenity, and awe-inspiring grandeur. While planning a trip to this amazing place, you will have to list down all the great attractions, as it is a big city with a multitude of buzzing tourist spots. Visiting these places can be rather overwhelming but a great experience in itself. Whether you want to stand under the Arc De Triomphe, celebrate Bastille Day, enjoy the Cinema en Plein Air, check out Maison du Victor Hugo or Climb your way through the Paris Catacombs, Paris will hook to the spellbinding surroundings.



Check Out the Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower is a true global wonder. Crafted by the Parisians for the 1889 World Fair, the beautiful, world-famous structure is a stunning piece of brilliant aesthetics and impressive architecture that you should not miss. This 300-metre tall tower is a sight that leaves you pining for more, especially in the night with the tower all lit up exuding mystic serenity and a snazzy ambiance at the same time. Initially known as the metal asparagus, this has now become a hot tourist spot with visitors from all over the world flocking in to see the sheer brilliance of its artwork. You can get to the second level through stairs (EUR7.00 pp) or the elevator (EUR11.00 pp). It will cost you EUR17.00 pp for an elevator access to the third level, which is the only option available for all visitors.

Enjoy the Louvre Exploration
In the Louvre, you will get to explore the largest museum in the world, which highlights a variety of brilliant artifacts collected over the years from various parts of the globe. These artifacts hold immense cultural and historic significance and are known to be spread over thousands of square feet of exhibition space. Spend a day or two at this famous museum to experience the valuable collection of millions of resources and artwork for yourself. The entry pass costs EUR15.00 pp and the place is open to the public on Wednesdays and Fridays until 9:45 pm.

The Paris Museum Pass is like a discount card, which you must have in your pocket while travelling to the City. This prepaid card allows you access to multiple historic monuments in Paris and almost 70 splendid museums that store a wealth of valuable world-famous artifacts. Opt for a 6-day pass if you plan to check out most of these museums and sites, which will cost you around EUR69.00 pp. If you are on a day trip, opt for the EUR42.00 pp day-pass or a two-day pass costing only EUR56.00 pp. With the pass to help you avoid long visitor queues, you are sure to have a great time looking around the amazing museums while saving your precious money.


Visit the Latin Quarter
The Latin Quarter is one of the most famous places in Paris, which reflects historic values and strong traditional patterns. Situated near the Notre Dame, the Latin Quarter is a beautiful area dominated by a mesh of small streets that turn at odd angles to reveal squares and sections highlighted by popular cafes and bars. You will get to enjoy some delicious Yiddish and beverages in one of these snack bars, especially in the night when the place bustles with tourists and locals.

Take a Tour of Sainte-Chapelle
While you are in Paris, a great way to cash in on some sightseeing is by taking a tour of the Gothic Church. It is just a few minutes from the famous Notre-Dame. Thanks to the aesthetically pleasing architecture, stunning decor, and serene ambiance, the Sainte-Chapelle exudes elegance and exquisite architectural vibes. The interior is the core highlight of the structure featuring the most original stained-glass pieces in the world. Many tourists and locals visit the church, so you will need to have a museum pass with you in order to avoid the long queues.

Spend a day at Palace of Versailles
A visit to Paris is simply incomplete without a walk through of the palace of Versailles. You will need an entire day to check out the striking architectural patterns completely and take in the sight of artistic design elements. While here, do visit the popular Marie Antoinette’s abode and the lush green orchards, which are spacious enough for a leisure stroll. Listen to the captivating sound of musical fountains and feast your eyes on the beautiful gardens replete with breathtaking natural aesthetics. Most tourists prefer to visit this place during the weekends in the summer season and a day trip to the Palace of Versailles is enough to guarantee you a fabulous holiday. Access tickets to the palace and garden cost only EUR27.00 pp. If you are on a budget, skip the garden and explore the great palace for only EUR20.00 pp.

Paris features a wide range of 3 to 5 star hotels and inexpensive hostel accommodation. Depending on your budget, you could pick from any of the comfortable residence options that come along with attractive guest amenities.

To experience life in France from a truly unique perspective, you can also embark on a CroisiEurope canal cruise from Paris on a custom designed hotel barge. Enjoy the peace and quiet far from the hustle and bustle of the modern world gently cruising along peaceful canals. Learn about the region through which you are travelling; its flora and fauna, its history, its culinary specialities and much more. Passengers are very well looked after and pampered by a crew completely at their disposal. Whether you are a couple, a family or a group of friends, you can relax on board and have a truly wonderful time. A variety of unique itineraries are available.


Paris is known for some luscious gourmet items like the steak fries, Bar Hemmingway Cocktail, seafood, baguette & croissants, chocolate assortments, and pastries. The place features some of the top diners offering dinner and lunch in around EUR25.00 – 40.00 pp including champagne and famous local cuisine items. You could also opt for a customized 2-3 course planned meal at a good restaurant with only EUR20.00 pp. If you are looking for some money savings, we recommend shopping for your own bread, vegetables, and meat from popular markets. It enables you to prepare your own personalized meals within the EUR9.00 – EUR15.00 pp range. Visitors usually enjoy picnics in parks with fast food, crepes or pre-made sandwiches and pastries from famous takeaways that hardly cost EUR6.00 – EUR10.00 pp. A good grocery store like Aldi or Lidl is sure to provide you with discounted deals on veggies, bread, and other ingredients. Expect to spend around EUR40.00 – EUR50.00 pp a week for your own cooked food.


The city itself has a reliable and highly efficient transport system featuring a subway stop at each individual block with a metro ticket costing around EUR2.00 pp. It is a good idea to buy a day pass, which gives you access to different types of commute modes including trains, metro, bus and trams for only around EUR12.00 pp. We advise opting for UBER instead of expensive taxis for an in-city travel that will cost you around EUR1.00 for basic fare and EUR1.00 per km.

You will easily be able to move around Paris, given its comprehensive public transport network, which includes around 300 subway stations. Use the day pass or the carnet for around EUR15.00 pp. This handy metro card, also known as the ParisVisite, allows you to avail cool discounts to popular landmarks around Paris.


From South Africa, your trip to this famous city will be even more fun when you travel with United Europe Travel Services (Pty) Ltd, one of South Africa’s established Travel Companies that specialises in travel to Europe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can assist you with options and travel itineraries to help you plan your dream escape to this city with a certain je ne sais quoi.

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