Today, United Europe has its fifth birthday, August 1st.

Over the last couple of years, the journey has taken us through all the stages of a start-up to mid-size business that you will read about in any standard management course text book. Some moments joyous and some that will turn you grey – I am now grey. Yet we find ourselves in our sixth year of business in the healthiest position yet. The last three years have seen a shade under 70% revenue growth year on year, every year, and this current year looks no different.

People often ask me what the secret is. What is it that United Europe does so well? If United Europe is growing so well every year, what are the others not doing? The truth of the matter is quite simple, and you already know the answer. We do the basics right. We focus on what we are good at. We spend our time making sure we deliver quality products and services at a value driven price in an easy, quick and informative way. That is exactly what every other company tells you they do as well (and should be doing), so what is the difference? Simple: We do it, we don’t just say it. Here is the trick though: you cannot do it without quality staff.

At a recent lunch with our top client, we were bemoaning the fact that they won’t allow us to communicate with their staff directly, pass on product updates etc. as all correspondence must be distributed from one internal central point. Understandable and without issue, except all of our competitors ignore the ruling. However, our client informed us that none of our competitors are enjoying revenue growth with them like United Europe is. How? You may ask. Their view is that we treated everyone honestly and fairly – people like dealing with ‘nice’ guys.

So for all of you out there who are looking for an edge in a difficult marketplace, go back to the basics, do it right, do it humbly, do it honestly – nice guys do finish first!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my wife, my family, my work colleagues, my suppliers and of course my clients, without all of you, we wouldn’t have managed it this far, and together, we look dangerously good at maintaining this momentum for the next five years. Thank You.

Mark Buck
Managing Director – United Europe

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