In October 2014, President Jacob Zuma of South Africa had his lawyers try and dismiss the National Prosecutor’s charges against him (relating to an arms deal) on the grounds that corruption is not an African thing, but a Western concept, to be exact, a ‘Western Paradigm’.
If President J. Zuma’s beliefs are correct, and there seems to be more evidence supporting it than not, then how did FIFA’s re-elected president not only ensure (assumed) that all 54 CAF votes went his way, but probably would have still gone his way even if he committed a major crime (maybe he did?)?
The strong Asian federation (46 votes), seem to be single minded in their favour of S. Blatter. Add the small South American vote (CONMEBOL 10 votes), and you have more than half of the votes tied up in members that will be described by those opposing its view as blind sheep following the food-laden hand of FIFA.
The point of this piece is not about FIFA or Sepp Blatter, or Jacob Zuma, or any kind of corruption etc. but about the fact that 73 of 209 votes cast, were based on ‘Western Ideals’. As a layman, this FIFA vote is an indication that the minority is naïve of the way the majority of the world works (not so in the case of Sepp Blatter). Is it not the Western World who doesn’t understand the world they live on?

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